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Human nature in animal wisdom?

No Comments 17 November 2014

If you’ve ever owned a pet, no one needs to tell you how smart, cunning, adaptive, and yes, wise, they are. It took scientists quite a long time, however, to begin to study domestic animals seriously, or to understand just how much other species might know. Gradually, new research began to determine that animals feel pain, they communicate in ways we still cannot completely understand, they develop complex communities, and they indeed have emotions.… read more

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Featured Artist: Jay Tyrrell

No Comments 14 December 2011

New Acquisitions to the Collection [galobj viewid=98] At first glance, these three photographs, which are part of a 39-print series, seem to be images of the landscape and/or the abstracted forms of wind machines. But through the invention and imagination of artist Jay Tyrrell, they morph into a visual narrative based on H. G. Wells’ 1898 science fiction fantasy War of the Worlds. Just as wind farms seem to be marching across the Earth to feed the voracious appetite for energy, Tyrrell’s wind turbines become the “tripods” (so named by Wells) invading from another planet, sending out destructive death rays that he titled “cameras.” The story unfolds and one begins to imagine the Martian machines taking control of everything in their path.… read more

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